Famous Tandoori Chili Lamb Chops


Served after 6pm once we’ve fired up the Clubhouse Tandoori oven, these tandoori Lamb chops are a perennially popular dish. Is it because of the tender lamb chops? Is it the smoky flavour from our tandoori oven, or the astoundingly tasty tandoori spice mix that chef uses to marinade the lamb in for a minimum of 48 hours? Perhaps it’s a mix of all of this, plus the delicious mango chutney made in the Clubhouse kitchen to a recipe Chef learned from his mother.  One thing that we are sure of – you won’t regret choosing this dish (although you may inspire some serious plate envy from your dining companions). Served with steamed rice, the aforementioned chutney and poppadoms.

Please tell us if you have any special requests