the points system


Sailing offshore since 1974

Since 1974, DOSC has established itself in the UAE and beyond as a centre of sailing excellence. The realization of this goal was only possible due to the determination of our founders and members, past and present. Their sheer love for the sport has been at the heart of all they have achieved and what we continue to strive for.

Sailing is not for the fainthearted. It requires a significant commitment in terms of time, energy and sheer grit to get to a competent level and be able to compete. The passion and dedication exhibited by our members is what makes DOSC special, and we want to keep it that way.  

This is why our application system is points based. This is not intended to discriminate against new and relatively inexperienced sailors, but it will test your appetite for becoming a part of the DOSC community! Of course we take past sailing experience and expertise into account, but just as important is the extent to which you get involved with the Club once you have submitted your application for membership: points are also earned by volunteering, learning to sail with the DOSC sailing school, or crewing for existing DOSC members. 

The Membership Sub-committee meets once a month and selects applicants who have shown themselves to be serious about sailing to be put them forward for membership. 

Points Are Allocated At The Time Of Application For The Following categories

Criteria Points
Valid UAE boat insurance policy 1
Detailed sailing CV 1
Top ten placement in Nationals/Continental/World Events 1 per placement
Reference letter from previous yacht club 1
Valid sailing instructor or coach qualification 1 per qualification
RYA sailing qualifications in dinghy or keel boat 1 per qualification

Points are allocated for sailing , training & volunteering activities as outlined in the chart below
Annual Membership Activity Points

  • All Full Members, excluding Members with more than 15 years of Full Membership, are expected to continue their participation in Club activities and to accrue Membership Activity Points on an annual basis to maintain their Full Membership status.
  • Full Members must accrue a minimum of six (6) Membership Activity Points in each Membership Year beginning 1st April for the following twelve (12) month period.
  • Continued offer of Full Membership is dependent on obtaining the required number of Membership Activity Points.
  • Where a Full Member fails to meet the required number of Membership Activity Points, renewal of the Membership will be entirely at the discretion of the Board.
  • Membership activity points will be achieved from member participation in any of the following Club events: racing, cruising, volunteering, attending a membership night, training at the sailing school plus other designated Club events that may from time to time be held.
  • Each activity must be stamped at Reception and signed by:

(i) a boat owner;

(ii) a volunteer coordinator if the member is volunteering;

(iii) the DOSC sailing department if the member is participating in training. Alternatively, any Board member or the DOSC General Manager may also sign if they have witnessed the activity.

DOSC will only sign/stamp for any activity on the day activity was undertaken, if stamp is not collected on the same day, the point is lost.

It is the members responsibility to submit their completed activity card in a timely manner.