Love for the ocean and an unwavering commitment to taking care of our environment are two reasons why sustainability is one of DOSC’s core values. We continue to extend our efforts every year to preserve and protect Dubai’s marine ecosystem, keep our oceans clean, and work towards building a sustainable future for all.

Join us, as we strive to make the world a better place!

The club has implemented a range of energy efficiency initiatives including energy efficient light bulbs, timers for hot water and (where possible) various appliances, and regular servicing of our hot water system.

  • We have installed a filtered drinking water refill station to reduce the reliance on bottled water by club members.
  • Our showers and toilet cisterns have water saving devices.
  • The club has tank water for our wash down hoses.
  • The club is raising awareness of turtle endangerment and how sailors and boaters who come across an injured turtle can provide the help required by calling 800-TURTLE. All our instructors are fully trained on Turtle rescue.
  • DOSC has a Club house kitchen garden planted & maintained by the kitchen team. The fresh produce is used in salads, chutneys & curries.
  • Waste is fully contained at the club. A list of chemicals stored and used on site is maintained and updated.
  • DOSC celebrated Earth Day by participating in a beach clean-up drive in partnership with Azraq, a local non-profit marine conservation organisation. Members volunteered to collect, sort, and remove waste from Al Nessnass Beach, most of which was sent for recycling.
  • The Club has systems in place to separate waste streams and encourages and participates in recycling.
  • Old sails collected from members are upcycled into Unique handmade bags ♻️ 
  • Broken spars are collected and deployed by a metal recycling facility.
  • Members of our club come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and a broad range of occupations and are unified with a common dedication to the sport of sailing. 
  • DOSC initiated The Women on Water which aims to facilitate the entry of women to the sport of sailing and foster their ongoing development.
  • We actively support youth sailing and have a sizeable youth fleet.

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