DOSC organises day, overnight and longer cruising rallies for keelboats in UAE waters. 

Open to both existing DOSC members and their guests, and those with a DOSC membership application under process, we welcome all kinds of keelboats and sailors of all levels of experience to join us for our events. Our rallies focus on safe, sociable and fun sailing activities for the whole family, and are a great way to meet and socialise with likeminded sailors. For novices and less experienced sailors, it also offers the opportunity to learn from more experienced sailing veterans in the cruising flotilla.

Our cruises run at least once per month throughout the cooler months, from around October to April.

dosc cruising

permits & permissions

All vessels registered in Dubai must have a Permit to Sail authorised by the Dubai Coastguard before they go out onto the water. This entails submitting key details for each vessel to the Coastguard at least 24 hours prior to sailing, including boat name, DP number, owner name, skipper name, number of crew and IRC division.

Depending upon your destination, you will also need for arrange other permissions, such as permission to anchor, booking fees and so on. 

We help to organise group permits for DOSC cruising rallies. However, if you are planning to cruise outside of the DOSC Cruising Rallies, please review our guide to acquiring the permits and permissions you will need to ensure that you are operating within the law of the emirate of Dubai.