membership faq

We welcome applications from active sailors.

Your first step towards DOSC membership is to complete the online application form with details about yourself., if relevant, along with your sailing experience, boat ownership and how you could contribute to the DOSC sailing community.

We select our members on a points based system.  What this means is that we want to see you down at DOSC, sailing and volunteering, and being part of our club.  Every time that you sail or volunteer you get a point, which is recorded in a log book that you are provided with at the time of submitting your application.

Once you reach 10 points, you are put on our waiting list. Our membership sub-committee reviews the waiting list and selects applications for Probational membership from active sailors.  The key here is to keep collecting points, and to update your Logbook status with us on a regular basis, even after you have reached the minimum requirement until your membership is approved.

Do make sure that you collect a log book from the club and submit a scanned copy of it every month so your file can be updated. 

You can access our online membership application form here, along with instructions on how to complete it. Please note:

    • You will need two names of full members of DOSC, who have been members for more than 2 years, to propose and second your application; if you don’t know any Members, we recommend participation on a sailing course or volunteering on race days as an excellent way to meet people.
    • When you submit your application, you will be required to upload a copy of your passport, valid UAE residency visa and passport pictures.
    • Please note that your application will not be processed until this is completed in full.


Any extra documentation that could help your application should be included at the time of submission. This could include:

    • CV of your prior sailing activities
    • Copies of RYA sailing certificates or recognized equivalents
    • A written reference from previous sailing clubs
    • Proof of boat ownership in the UAE, such as a valid UAE boat insurance policy

Applicants need to accrue 10 points to be moved on to the DOSC Membership waiting list.

This does not automatically give you membership, but it does get you one step closer.

The membership sub-committee meets once a month and selects applications who without doubt are serious sailors and put them forward for membership from this category.

To make it fair for everyone submitting a membership application, you can only submit activities at DOSC that you’ve completed since submitting your membership application.

More info can be found here.

When you apply for DOSC membership, we ask for you to submit a CV of your prior sailing experience, which will be taken into account at this stage. 

Prior sailing and volunteering activity at other clubs, however, will not count towards the points you need to accrue to move onto the DOSC membership waiting list. The purpose of the log book is to record sailing and volunteering at DOSC, which has to be signed and verified by the sailing department or a skipper of a keel boat. We cannot verify any sailing or volunteering activity outside of DOSC for this purpose.

We provide a warm welcome to anyone who wishes to volunteer on our race days.

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet DOSC members and get to know people who could be willing to provide recommendations for your application.

To volunteer for DOSC race days, click here.

There is no specific time period for applicants to be on the waiting list. This will depend on:

    • How many existing members there are currently at the club;
    • That you submit copies of your log book to DOSC on a regular basis to ensure that your membership file is updated;
    • A diverse collection of points across the spectrum of sailing to ensure points are gained from both training and sailing activities. The percentage of point collection of each area should be as even as possible.

Boat owners do not automatically get priority for membership but we do allocate one point within the Points System to applicants for owning a boat. Boats must have valid  insurance issued in the UAE.

While we are very grateful for volunteers for Sailability and for race days, this alone does not give you priority for the membership waiting list as we also to see evidence that you are actively sailing.

We are not able to provide boat space for non-members.

However, upon confirmation of your provisional membership, you can apply for a boat space through the DOSC Administration Office if you have a dinghy, or require a berth for your keel boat.

We love DOSC too and we are thrilled that you feel the same way! However, as DOSC is all about sailing, we only welcome members and their families who are active sailors and will regularly participate in sailing activities at the club. 

If you don’t sail, that can be remedied. Sign up for a DOSC sailing taster course to get a feel for how enjoyable life on the ocean wave can be. We admit that we are somewhat biased, but we’re pretty sure that you’ll be hooked! Browse our full range of Learn to Sail courses here.

Click here to view the fees and subscription costs for DOSC membership.